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🌎 100% discreet worldwide shipping! 🌏
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$150CAD to Canada and USA!

Pink Rubber Whip Flogger

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Are you ready to take your sensation play to new heights? Introducing the Pink Rubber Whip Flogger—perfect for those who want to explore the thrilling world of kink.

Designed to create an array of stimulating tingling sensations, this rubber flogger offers an exquisite combination of pleasure and pain. The lightweight design allows you to experiment with both gentle caresses and sharp lashes, producing a delightful blend of sensations that range from soft, teasing strokes to intense, pinching impacts. Each lash delivers a satisfying sting that lingers on your skin, leaving you craving more.


  • Overall Length: 12 inches (including handle)
  • Material: Durable rubber strands for a variety of sensations
  • Handle: Sturdy plastic handle for a secure grip
  • Wrist Strap: For better control during your play sessions
  • Color Options: Available in Purple, Black, and Pink

Why Choose the Miss Morgane Rubber Flogger?

  1. Sensation Play: Perfect for both beginners and experienced users, this flogger lets you customize your sensation play experience.
  2. Versatility: Use it for light teasing or intense flogging—the choice is yours.
  3. Control and Precision: The wrist strap ensures you can maintain control even during the most passionate moments.

Whether you're new to BDSM or an experienced enthusiast, the Pink Rubber Whip Flogger is a must-have addition to your collection. Its versatility and ability to deliver a range of sensations make it a favorite among pleasure seekers.

Transform your intimate moments with the Miss Morgane Lightweight Rubber Flogger. Explore new dimensions of pleasure and pain, and discover the exhilarating world of BDSM sensation play. Don't miss out—add this essential tool to your collection today!

Product Specs

Dimensions: 1.5” Width x 22” Length

Material(s): Rubber

Cleaning: Use warm soapy water and/or a good toy cleaner. Shop Soap + Cleaners here.