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Taylor Neal x Bonjibon Project: A Sexual Unraveling

Bonjibon is excited to announce a new collaboration with Taylor Neal called A Sexual Unravelling. Unraveling will be an image-based inquiry into the inimitable intimate moments in our lives. Through photography sessions with subjects who want to explore their sensuality and sexuality, Taylor will endeavor to co-create art with their photography subjects that honours those precious moments.

What are we looking for? We are looking for folks who would like to participate in A Sexual Unraveling! 

Who? Essentially, anyone! Looking for a diversity of voices to reflect the diversity that is sexuality. If this project resonates, we want to hear from you! No modelling experience is required!

What does this entail? An initial consultation via zoom, where the participant and Taylor can discuss visions, directions and how to move forward together, and then a 2-3 hour(ish) photography session with Taylor. Taylor will aim to foster a safe space for you to explore your sensuality/sexuality and maintain an open, confidential dialogue about visions and ideas, but also boundaries, between themself and the subject.

Where will it happen? Taylor will be shooting in Toronto and Vancouver throughout the summer, though there are possibilities for them to shoot outside of the cities if necessary. 

When? The project will take place from June-August 2022, and hopefully be published in October-November, 2022.

This is a paid opportunity.

How do I participate? Fill out the form linked below. Taylor will get back to you about moving forward once participants have been selected.

How many participants will there be? It depends on how many people want to participate and what response is like, but we are aiming to have between 5-10 subjects of diverse experience. 

Click Here To Apply

Please read below to learn more about the project in Taylor’s own words!


A Sexual Unraveling: Project Outline
  • an exploration of the uniqueness and fluidity that is each human's sexuality/sexual identity, and a chance to capture a moment in time in each person's unique journey of sexual unraveling (I say journey and unraveling because this is something that will continue to unfold over the entirety of our lives)
  • I invite you to think of the camera and the photo shoot experience as a whole, as a mirror; a chance for you to really see yourself as a sexual (ace inclusive) human without limitation, shame, or binaries holding back your truth.
  • It will be a chance for you to reflect on how you want to be seen, perhaps in ways you've never felt seen before, perhaps ways that maybe feel taboo, silly, shameful, or any other internalized belief that comes up, or perhaps in a way that you find yourself coming back to that feels most aligned with your heart and authentic self
  • I offer a trauma-informed, body and sex positive lens, and I want to ensure you that there is nothing too wild to suggest to me, I am very open to interpretations, so really let your imagination run free!
  • You will be the director in terms of how you look and what gets seen/stays hidden, and I will be there merely to capture your essence.
  • While the photos that come out of the experience will be exciting and important as well, I am much more focused on the actual experience of the shoot itself, creating a safe space to play and explore together as you unravel in your own time at your own pace. 
  • I will open the floor for you to communicate any boundaries, limitations, or ideas you may have prior to our shoot together. Nothing will be used without your consent anywhere, period.