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🌎 100% discreet worldwide shipping! 🌏 Free shipping on orders over $150CAD to Canada and USA!
🌎 100% discreet worldwide shipping! 🌏
Free shipping on orders over
$150CAD to Canada and USA!

About Bonjibon

Bonjibon is an every-person sexual wellness shop and online magazine.

We are passionate about education, environment, empowerment, and inclusivity. Our mission is to bring accessibility and a sense of play to the toy scene for folks across the entire gender spectrum and their allies. We believe that sexual health is an important ingredient to overall wellness – and that means breaking down barriers and engaging with our own pleasure.

It’s the shop we always wished existed. One that isn’t even the slightest bit intimidating. One that feels like a joy to shop at. One that we want to go to. One that we trust.

We want people to have great sex – with multiple people, one partner, and definitely solo.

Our Mission

We aim to reorient the shopping experience from advertising to the male gaze to our pleasure seeker’s perspective. We aim to create an effortless shopping experience to bring pleasure where it belongs: in beautiful, accessible spaces. We value pleasure, consent, inclusivity, body positivity, ethics and sustainability. We believe that sustainable business practice means prioritizing the environment. We aim to be Canada’s leading friendly and trustworthy neighbourhood sexual wellness shop and online magazine.

We Believe

  • Feminism is inherently intersectional.
  • Consent is mandatory, active and enthusiastic.
  • Pleasure is good.
  • Topics of pleasure, sexuality, and wellness should not only exist in the margins of society. They deserve cultural, and literal, space.
  • eCommerce shouldn’t kill the planet. All of our shipping materials and back of house processing is done with mindfulness to the environment and recycling programs.
  • Natural and ethically sourced products are good for the body, planet and soul.



bonjibon katie aitken co-owner

Katie Aitken is a passionate feminist advocate and activist. At Bonjibon, she combines her studies in gender, religion, and psychology with her experience in the military, administration, and combatting gender-based violence. Katie believes that sexual liberation is an important component of stomping stigma, shifting gender norms, and ultimately changing the status quo. She brings years of experience and devotion to her role as co-CEO and editor-in-chief of the Bonjibon Magazine.


bonjibon grace bennett co-owner

Grace Bennett is an expert in all things digital media and design. She has been the secret behind many Toronto business’s recent success in the social media era. She brings her background in communications, social media, photography, website development and her passion for all things pop culture to the Bonjibon (digital) desk. From photography to trend forecasting, Grace is our gal.