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🌎 100% discreet worldwide shipping! 🌏
Free shipping on orders over
$150CAD to Canada and USA!


  • Bondage Couture Rope Gold - Bonjibon 20% Off

    Bondage Couture Rope

    Original Price $30.00
    Current Price $24.00

    Indulge your innermost desires with Bondage Couture Rope Gold. Meticulously crafted from superior materials and featuring exquisite details, this i...

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  • Fantasy Silicone Crop - Bonjibon Fantasy Silicone Crop - Bonjibon 20% Off

    Fantasy Silicone Crop

    Original Price $20.00
    Current Price $16.00

    A petite, blissfully manipulated classic crop featuring a silky silicone, classically folded tip, the Fantasy Silicone Crop provides any level of B...

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  • Neoprene Cuffs - Bonjibon 9% Off

    Neoprene Cuffs

    Original Price $35.00
    Current Price $32.00

    A supple, versatile, waterproof set of cuffs ready to thrill bondage beginners, enthusiasts and kink dabblers. Made from a soft, stretchy material...

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Looking for kinky sex toys? Look no further.

What is kink?

Kink is sex that is outside of the norm. Since the norm is so subjective, this definition can be unhelpful. If you want to know more about Kink and its definition, read our What Makes Something Kinky? article by Dr. Morgan Oddie. 

Generally, when we say kink, we are talking about practices that include playing with power dynamics and role play. BDSM is an umbrella term for a wide variety of practices that consensually play with power dynamics, sensations, and fetishes. 

This can include tools like cropsropesfloggersnipple clampshandcuffsball gags and more. Interested? Take a look at at our article, 5 Toys for Kink Newbies to learn more.

Must have toys for Kink and BDSM

Bonjibon is the best sex toy store online to find the toys you want. The best online neighborhood sex toy shop, we know a lot about making sure you find the right toy for you. Here are some recommendations to help guide you to the perfect kink or BDSM toy for you.

How do you use kink toys and bdsm toys?

Kinky sex toys and BDSM sex toys are a fun way to expand your sexual repertoire. Bondage, domination, sadism, masochism sex toys offer a good opportunity to explore different options. When you do engage in BDSM and Kink, remember: consent is key!

If you are new to the Kink scene, we recommend taking a look at our article What is Kink? To learn the basics and see if it is right for you. What is Kink? Also helps explain the ground rules about consent, and frame kink in our understanding of sex as a culture. The most common kinky toys you’ll come across include impact toys (floggerscrops), bondage toys (Ropescuffs), and sensory toys (ClampsWartenberg wheel). 

How to use BDSM toys?

You’ve spent some time browsing options, learned about kink and bdsm practices, and are ready to explore. We always suggest exploring solo before with partner(s), this way, you know what to expect, and what you like!

Introducing BDSM and Kink to a partner who is new to BDSM and/or kink is scary because it’s new. Before talking to a partner about introducing anything, know that they may react to your idea: positively or negatively. This isn’t a judgment on your desires, it is them taking in new information. Hold the space for them to do that, but if they aren’t on board at all with exploring your desires – this could be a red flag. The most important thing to remember when engaging in BDSM, kink, or the vanilla-est of sex: consent and communication are key to avoiding bad experiences AND fostering good ones.

Each BDSM toy has a purpose, but many can be used for lots of purposes. Exploring BDSM and learning from the community will help guide you in figuring out what you enjoy and want to explore, as well as your limits. 

As always, if you have questions, reach out to our sexperts at Bonjibon to help find the perfect product for you.