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🌎 100% discreet worldwide shipping! 🌏
Free shipping on orders over
$150CAD to Canada and USA!
100th Article - Letter from the Editor

100th Article - Letter from the Editor

We have been waiting for this moment! It is time to celebrate! This marks the 100th article in Bonjibon Magazine. 100 articles since we launched back in November, 2019. I love to take landmarks like this to reflect on where we've been, and talk about where we are going. And wow, what a journey it has been! Since our 50th Article - Letter from the Editor...

Magazine Updates

The magazine has grown significantly! We've welcomed some amazing new writers - Dr. Ahava Shira, Emely Melendez, and Taylor Neal. We've also continued our relationships with some of our original writers, Yaz Harris, Maia Legott, Dr. Morgan Oddie, Prerna Submarian, Helena Lorimer. We lost Victoria Christie to her new job at Girlboss, and are so excited for her!

We've covered a huge range of topics in the last 50 articles, all with the same common threat - radical compassion and acceptance. From personal interest stories to lists and how-to's, we hope that there is a range of interesting articles to engage with.


The rising cost of goods, shipping, and inflation, generally. We've learned a lot about the inner workings of our business, and are continuing to bridge between a volatile market and our wonderful customers. This has meant that we've had to do one price increase so far, and raised free shipping on orders over $100CAD to $150CAD. 

Competing with massive businesses can be ... frustrating. And motivating. As sex toys become more available (Yay) larger companies are capitalizing without the education and care that smaller shops have always afforded. It also means that they can access much cheaper shipping. Jelly.

Product Updates

We launched a couple of merch items that we've been working on for a while! The Bonjibon hat comes in a cotton candy tye dye pattern. No two are alike! It features the Bonjibon logo embroidered on the front of each hat. We also launched the Happy and Horny mug, featuring art from one of our very favourite artists out there - Pink Bits.

We've expanded the products that we carry significantly. We now carry thrusting dildos, including the very first that came to market!

We are also glad to carry more affirming gear than ever before, including the PeenPocket sleeves by Ontario manufacturer FTM Pitstop (available in four skin tones), and as well as the Freddie by Ontario Manufacturer Fuze Toys (available in three skin tones). Both come in three skin colours.

Last, we also proud to carry Lorals, comfy latex undies that are designed to replace dental dams.  


We continue to use our personal platforms as well as Bonjibon's platform to promote compassion, kindness, equality, and diversity. This includes talking in about sex toys in gender neutral terms, talking about abortion access. We also continue to channel donations into needed areas of communities through the Bonjibon Initiative.

Next Steps

Grace is currently undergoing a website relaunch, so you can expect some website changes (While maintaining our aesthetic). We are getting our feet under us as we take a leap into our next ad(venture)... Product development!

We are so grateful to our community far and wide. Bonjibon continues to grow into itself as a digital space for self realization, pleasure, and fun. We hope to see you along the way!

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