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Anal Toys

What are anal sex toys?

You guessed it, anal sex toys are sex toys that you can use in your butt safely. When you’re looking for anal toys it’s important to look out specifically for anal toys, since they are made with flared bases so they don’t go missing in your intestines. Typically when looking for anal toys, you’ll find training sets, vibrating butt plugs, and prostate focused. Training sets are a great place to start.

Anal toys can be intimidating, but never fear! They are designed to enhance your pleasure. But pay attention to your desires: just because anal play is popular these days, doesn’t mean it is for you. If you do want to explore, sex toys can be a great way to get started. In fact, a good training set can be key to having good experiences with anal play.

What are the different kinds of anal toys?

Training sets come with different size options so you can start small and work your way up.

Vibrating butt plugs give you that feeling of fullness as well as vibrations to amp up the sensation.

Prostate-focused toys are designed specifically to stimulate the prostate.

What anal toys are best?

Discover the best anal sex toys for women, the best anal sex toys for men, best anal sex toys for nonbinary people at Bonjibon. Recommended by experts, explore the best anal sex toys for you. If you’re new to toys or an enthusiast, know that your ultimate anal toy will ship to your home discreetly and quickly.

The best anal toys for beginners are small and will ease you into butt play. The small candy rimmer plug is a perfect starter anal toy. The small candy rimmer plug is smaller than your finger! Want to start small and size up? The confetti training set is perfect for you. 

Perfect for couples, the b-vibe Anal Training Kit & Education Set is a set that provides the to exlore anal play.

If you want a beginner vibrating butt plug, look no further than the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover Plug. Enjoy its smooth silicone, 12 vibration modes, and remote app.

If you want an anal toy that works for other types of play, the Heat Climax Dildo will do the trick for both anal and vaginal play. With its flared base and heating feature, what else could you want?

Looking for an anal toy that is beautiful and effective? Look no further than the Sparkle Glow Glass Plug & the Pineapple Delight Glass Plug are the perfect additions to your pleasure chest if you want pleasureful works of art.

Tips on how to use your anal toy

Educate yourself: Take a look at the best kinds of toys and what to look for in them in our article Butt Stuff: 5 Must Try Anal Toys. No matter if you are new or not so new to anal toys, you’ll be glad to learn more about what’s on the market.

Don’t forget:

  • When it comes to anal toys, start small! You might want to go straight to a robust toy, but trust us - it’s best to start small and work your way up. Our training sets are your best friends.
  • Be safe with anal toys! The anus is delicate and is prone to injury if you aren’t careful. Do not try something too big too fast, as you may get micro-tears in the anal lining and can introduce infection that can be passed between partners.
  • Use lubrication with anal toys! There is no end to the amount of lube you can use for anal sex. The anus is not self-lubricating, so it absolutely needs some sort of lubricant for safe, pleasureful anal sex.