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🌎 100% discreet worldwide shipping! 🌏
Free shipping on orders over
$150CAD to Canada and USA!
5 Toys for Kink Newbies

5 Toys for Kink Newbies

Are you thinking about experimenting with kink and don’t know where to start? There are a ton of kink practices, and we strongly suggest doing your research and discuss boundaries way before trying anything. This article is a great place to start. But since you’re here, you must be interested in some kinky products! Never fear, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite products for you to explore.

bonjibon - beaded nipple clampsBeaded Nipple Clamps

Beads aren’t just for your wrists and neck! Dress up your chest with these adjustable nipple clamps. They come with high-quality silicone clamps that will hold on, and not risk harming the area by seeping harmful chemicals. Our nipples are important pleasure zones, and clamps can help amp up the sensation all over. Feel them sway and move with you as you explore partnered or solo play.

bonjibon - Fantasy Bondage TapeFantasy Bondage Tape

At Bonjibon, we don’t carry single-use or short-living products. So, we were over the moon when we tried this tape. You can use, and reuse, it multiple times. The tape allows for all kinds of bondage play, from cuffing, to more complex scenarios. It sticks to itself, and nothing else – so you can feel safe with it touching body hair. It also won’t pick up body hair or hair around the house… Pet owners, you know what we’re talking about!

bonjibon - Scandal Pleasure WheelScandal Pleasure Wheel

The Wartenburg Wheel was originally designed as a medical device used to test nerve reactions. Fortunately, it’s caught on as a tool for sensation play. To use, roll it along the skin – it will create sensation as it glides along and a lingering feeling for a few moments after. This the spikes on this wheel are made from stainless steel: easy to clean, easy to enjoy.

bonjibon - Thwack Silicone PaddleThwack Silicone Paddle

This paddle has tork. The high-quality silicone is malleable enough to swing and sturdy enough to thwack. Don’t worry about it getting messy; the silicone will wipe clean with ease. Use with caution! You probably have to use less force than you think to apply a lot of sensation.

bonjibon - Silicone Quickie CuffsSilicone Quickie Cuffs

These durable silicone cuffs are the perfect introduction to binding/cuffing. They stretch, so they can slip on and off with ease. When not stretched, they rest comfortably around your wrists. No uncomfortable chafing or pinching! *One size fits most: they’ve worked for all of our testers!

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