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How to Choose Between Suction Toys

How to Choose Between Suction Toys

One of the most popular sex toy categories on the market, Air Pulse tools changed the clitoral stimulation game. So what varies between the toys? Since we only carry body safe materials at Bonjibon, there are fewer things to consider. 

First off, the size of the head of your toy matters. Depending on preference and the size of your labia, you may prefer either a larger or smaller tip. (Larger nozzle girl here). Larger tips diffuse the stimulation, so it will be less intense over a larger surface area. Smaller tips will pinpoint stimulation so it's more intense of a smaller surface area.

Second, the intensity of suction matters. Do you want more or less air pulse action? 

Third, the functions of the toy matter. Do you want internal stimulation with clitoral stimulation? Do you want a vibrator AND a suction toy? 

Finally, the grip on the toy matters. Do you want less or more toy to hold on to? Do you want it to feel similar to going "acoustic" (With your fingers) or more supported? Do you have limited mobility? 

Now that we know what to look for, I am going to explain some of our top suction toys according to these qualifiers.


Adorable as it is toe-curlingly effective, the Suki uses suction technology to bring its users to new heights. Since it fits between your fingers, it’s ideal for using solo and with a partner.

  • Nozzle: Pinpoint precision
  • Suction intensity: High, baby, high
  • Function: Exclusively suction
  • Grip: Similar to going using hands without toys


Womanizer Eco

The Womanizer Premium Eco is the first-ever pleasure air sex toy made from sustainable, renewable materials. Womanizer’s innovative pleasure air technology stimulates the clitoris without direct contact on the clitoris. It is completely waterproof, has six speeds, and comes with two sizes of heads to accommodate clitorises of different sizes.

  • Nozzle: Medium/Large, comes with two sizes
  • Suction intensity: From very low to medium/high
  • Function: Exclusively suction
  • Grip: Has handle, don't need to be contortionist to use

Rose Suction Vibrator

There is a reason this suction toy went viral, and it's not just because it's the most beautiful toy you've ever seen. The Rose Suction Vibrator packs a serious power punch with 3 intensity levels and 7 patterns. It fits neatly in your hand so you can play and explore in comfort - perfect for solo play or with your partner!
  • Nozzle: Small
  • Suction intensity: Medium
  • Function: Exclusively suction
  • Grip: Need to grip from bottom, requires some wrist flexibility


Aer isn’t a vibrator, it’s a whole other adventure. Its pressure wave technology creates rhythmic pulses of air that’ll give even the most savvy, curious vibe users a unique thrill. Aer mimics the flutter of a tongue and the suction of a mouth—perfect if oral stimulation sends you over the edge. Aer keeps the focus on your orgasm by creating a soft seal around your clitoris. If your arousal needs a kickstart, or if you just prefer a quick and intense peak, Aer gets you there.
  • Nozzle: Small
  • Suction intensity: Medium
  • Function: Exclusively suction
  • Grip: Need to grip from bottom, requires some wrist flexibility


Air Pro 2 

Satisfyer’s classic and stylish Pro 2 debuts their proprietary Air-Pulse Technology, meant to excite your clitoris into pure bliss. Featuring a whisper-quiet motor and a soft silicone head, the Pro 2 sets the mood to reach the peak of your desire.
  • Nozzle: Medium/Large
  • Suction intensity: Very low to medium
  • Function: Exclusively suction
  • Grip: Has a long handle, do not need to be contortionist to use


Lelo Sona 2

The softer (SenSonic) silicone has been specifically engineered to absorb some of the sonic waves and transmit them back into your body, around the clitoris, for deeper but gentler sensation. In other words, the silicone itself is engineered to respond to the waves and pulses to provide extra stimulation at the surface of the skin, as well as beyond.

  • Nozzle: Small
  • Suction/sonic intensity: Very intense
  • Function: Exclusively sonic vibrations
  • Grip: Small handle, requires some wrist flexibility

There you have it! Some important information about the variation between suction toys. Don't forget, finding your self pleasure practice is a lot of trial and error, and it will change over time. There is no right way to please yourself.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us! We love to talk toys (Evidently)!

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Katie - April 1, 2022

Unfortunately Shopify doesn’t allow me to respond directly to comments, so I am posting here!

Natalie – The Suki is definitely more intense, and has much more pinpointed stimulation than the Pro 2. I’d strongly suggest the Womanizer Premium (My personal fave). It’s a fantastic product and does get significantly more intense than the Pro 2. Also, it comes with a couple of different silicone tips for different sizes, whereas the Suki does not. Hope this helps!

Shawnte – Great Q! All of the toys on this list but the rose have + and – buttons. :) Hope this helps!

Natalie - April 1, 2022

I’ve been a huge fan of the satisfyer pro for years. It’s what finally taught me that I am very capable of having orgasms. I just needed to find the right rumble for my clit. I need that intense rumbly deliciousness that the satisfyer gives. Recently tried the Dame Aer and it was like a gentle breeze in comparison and got me no where but frustrated. Knowing this, any recommendations on something even more intense than the Satisfyer? The Suki? Thank you.

Shawnte - April 1, 2022

Which of these feature + and – speed buttons? Want to be able to increase/decrease without cycling through ALL the speed settings, lol.

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