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All About Thrusters

All About Thrusters

Thrusters are quickly becoming one of our top selling products. People (ourselves included) are inspired and enthralled when they see them do their thing. The up and down motion evokes sense that they are volunteering their services. Thrusters promise less work than ever to enjoy yourself solo.

What is a thruster?

A thruster is a sex toy that, well, thrusts. While most toys focus on vibration, suction, air pulse or machine-free fun, thrusters hone in on a very pleasureful sensation: in and out, up and down. This sensation is usually accomplished by moving your body to make it happen. 

Finally, there is a toy for that.


What is different about thrusters?

Until now, sex toys were limited to vibration, air pulse, suction, or not having a motor. So the up and down, in and out movement that many of us crave has to be created in a different way. AKA: You move the toy with your hands, or you fix the toy to something and move your body. Unlike other products, thrusters do the thrusting for you. 

Which thruster is best?

The first thrusters to make it big were created by Velvet Thruster. Some of our personal favourites include the Temptasia Lazarus Thrusting Dildo, Velvet Thruster Prime, and Pillow Talk Fiesty Thrusting Dildo. Honourable mention to Shake Weighted Thrusting Dildo, which has a mechanism inside that moves from top to bottom and back. Think shake weight, but make it sexy.

Who should try thrusters?

You should try a thruster if you enjoy penetration, whether it is vaginal or anal. Think about the toys you enjoy - what size are they? If you are going to have a toy thrust, would you like something bigger or smaller? And IF you are using ANY TOY for anal penetration, be sure to choose one with a flared base: or else fall victim to the rectum's tendency to suck things up and keep 'em.


About the writer

Katie Aitken

Katie Aitken (she/her) is the co-founder of Bonjibon. She is a passionate feminist advocate and activist. Katie believes that sexual liberation is an important component of stomping stigma, shifting gender norms, and ultimately changing the status quo. She brings years of experience and devotion to her role as editor-in-chief of the Bonjibon Magazine.

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