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Bonjibon’s Holiday Card to You

Bonjibon’s Holiday Card to You

It’s December. Again. And this year is different. For those who celebrate December holidays, and those who don’t, the changes are palpable. All of a sudden, many give-ins are no longer expectations. We can’t hug our people. We can’t hold our people. We can’t share spaces with our people – whether it’s around a holiday meal or by eating side-by-side at a Chinese restaurant, sharing the experience of not gathering.

Some of us are relieved to be absolved of family demands.

Some are mourning those community bonds.

Some folks are so relieved. They can finally seek the space they need.

Some are embarrassed that they’re impacted at all.

Some are so strapped financially that they think they may collapse under the pressure.

Some are glad to be with their household units.

Some may explode if they have to have one more family Zoom call.

Some are in conflict with the people they love dearly: playing out the battle between needing to connect and to be safe.

Some people are stuck at home with their abusers, trying to survive.

Some of us are scraping the bottom of our barrels for some cheer.

And we have crossed paths because of a shared human experience – being in, and maybe feeling pleasure, in our bodies. We feel so grateful for the digital spaces we are co-creating through something many of us never predicted: a global pandemic.

We may only know one thing about you – that you are interested in topics we’ve covered in our magazine or toys that we sell. We want to tell you that even if we don’t know you, we love you. We are thinking about you. We are holding you. The resilience, kindness, radical love and power that each of you holds. When the time comes, we can’t wait to celebrate together.

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