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Butt Stuff: 5 Must Try Anal Toys

Butt Stuff: 5 Must Try Anal Toys

Anal play just doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. For some people it’s completely taboo, for others it’s as vanilla as can be. Here at Bonjibon, we’re all about pleasure – and the anus is a pleasure powerhouse. Toys are great companions for butt play. They are amazing for p-spot stimulation, use along with other toys, use during partnered play, and aids in preparation for anal sex, to name a few. When it comes to butt toys, at a minimum, you want body safe, nonporous, easy-to-clean toys with flared bases. We’ve come up with a list of amazing anal toys to explore that check all of those boxes and more.

bonjibon - Small Candy Rimmer Butt PlugSmall Candy Rimmer Butt Plug

This small, bling-inspired plug is a fantastic beginner’s piece. It is easy to insert: the ring is at the base helps you control it throughout play. The taper at the base allows you to enjoy a smaller plug and knowing it is secure in place.

bonjibon - Crystal Premium Glass Anal Trainer KitCrystal Premium Glass Anal Trainer Kit

Glass is a fantastic material for sex toys; especially anal toys. It is compatible with all lubricants, and is completely nonporous: so it will clean more thoroughly than even the best polymers (And can be boiled!). This set comes in three different sizes, so supports various experience levels and desired pairings. What’s more, they’re great for temperature play!

bonjibon - Satisfyer Plugs Silicone 3 Piece SetSatisfyer Plugs Silicone 3 Piece Set

One of our most popular sets, these satisfier plugs offer different textural sensations. Instead of leaving them in place once inserted, you will find yourself enjoying the various textures. They come in luxurious, top notch silicone. Easy to enjoy AND easy to clean!

bonjibon - Satisfyer Silicone Love BeadsSatisfyer Silicone Love Beads

With a soft & graduated shape the Satisfyer Love Beads are the perfect option for beginners wanting to explore the tingling delights of anal play. Let desires run wild as you reap the rewards for him or her – sure to set your soul ablaze with pleasure!

bonjibon - Renegade Small Vibrating Heavyweight PlugRenegade Small Vibrating Heavyweight Plug

There are tons of sensations available to explore in the anus. Two that are really popular are weight and vibration. This plug features both, and comes in a luxurious and refined blue silicone. USB rechargeable, water-resistant. Trust us, it’s worth its weight in O’s.

bonjibon - njoy pure steel wandPure Steel Wand

This pure steel wand is a cult favourite. It comes in medical grade, corrosion proof solid stainless-steel and double-ended stimulation points. It feels like it is made to last, and it is: crafted in fine stainless steel. You can cool and warm it in water at a safe temperature. Stainless steel is also completely nonporous and very durable, so you can clean it any way you want: by hand, in the dishwasher, or in boiling water.

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