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Everything You Should Know About The Clitoris

Everything You Should Know About The Clitoris

Information and empowerment go hand in hand. And until recently, we didn’t know very much about the clitoris. In fact, a bias remains in research toward the penis and away from the clit. But times are – a – changin’, and keeping up to date on clitoral facts empowers us to seek out pleasure and explore what it means for us. Here are nine facts about the clitoris for your reading (and exploring) pleasure.

1. They are mostly internal

That’s right, what you see is just the tip of the iceberg (as it were). The internal clitoris splits like a wishbone into cura and vestibular bulbs and moves up the pelvis, on either side of the vaginal wall, toward the anus. Clitoral engorgement adds to getting wet, and internal vaginal play feeling good.

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2. They get engorged

You may have noticed this on yourself or your playmates. The clitoris actually engorges and fills with blood when aroused. This means that the external clitoris is more sensitive, and so are the vaginal walls.

3. They are like snowflakes

Just like all pensises are different, so too are clits. There is no one ideal clitoris. You may have nerve endings clustered around the external clitoris, or the internal clit that hugs the vaginal walls. In fact, the best thing to do is get to know your own or your lovers. How? Play around! See what feels good, and find what feels even better. Since we know the clitoris is much larger than we once thought, there’s a lot more room to explore.

4. They have a ton of nerve endings. Around 8000.

But keep in mind, no two vulvas are the same. They look different both internally and externally. You may have tons of nerves clustered in your clitoris and experience intense stimulation when your clit is activated. You may have nerve endings clustered at the cervix and feel intense pleasure when that is stimulated.

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