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Rumbly vs Buzzy Vibes

Rumbly vs Buzzy Vibes

Some vibrators rumble, others buzz. Who cares? Your clit cares. Your vagina cares. Your anus cares. Your nipples care. Your secret tickle spot cares. When it comes to vibrators, there are two main categories that experts often refer to: "rumbly" and "buzzy." But what exactly is the difference between the two? Let's dive into the difference behind these distinct sensations.

What are Rumbly Vibrations?

Rumbly vibrations are characterized by a deep, low-frequency sensation that penetrates deeply into the body. These vibrations are often described as more "thuddy" or "rumbling" in nature. They tend to provide a more intense and satisfying experience, particularly for those looking for a deeper massage or stimulation. Examples of rumbly vibrators that we carry at Bonjibon include the Nova 2, Mimi, Zee, Pom, Gaia Rechargeable, all of the Magic Wands, Snail Curve, Vim Wand, Fin, Rabbit Bullet, Kip, Iroha Tenga Hanacha, and Je Joue Classic Bullet.

What are Buzzy Vibrations?

On the other hand, buzzy vibrations are higher in frequency and are typically felt on the surface of the skin. These vibrations are often described as more "tingly" or "buzzing" in nature. While buzzy vibrations can still be pleasurable, they may not penetrate as deeply as rumbly vibrations. Buzzy vibrators that Bonjibon carries include the Galaxy Vibrating + Rotating Silicone Dildo, Vush Sol Vibrating Stroker, Romp Cock Ring, Dual Rider Pad, Mach 2 Plug, Eva II, We-Vibe Rave, Fun Factory Manta, Arc, Deia Hot and Cold Wand, Endless Fun, Endless Love, Yumi, all of the Vespers, Euphoria Desire, Gaia bullets, High FlyVibe, Drop, SpotCutie Heart, Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3, Curvy 2+, Magic Bunny, Ambi, Evii, Banana, Evii, Lelo Dot Cruise, Yummy Sunshine, Charming Smile, Petting Hippo, and Mr. Rabbit

Key Differences

The main difference between rumbly and buzzy vibrations lies in their frequency and depth of penetration. Rumbly vibrations have a lower frequency and penetrate deeply into the body, providing a more intense sensation. Buzzy vibrations, on the other hand, have a higher frequency and are felt more on the surface of the skin.When choosing a device that utilizes vibrations, it's important to consider whether you prefer rumbly or buzzy sensations. Some individuals may find rumbly vibrations more effective for muscle relaxation or deep tissue stimulation, while others may prefer the surface-level stimulation provided by buzzy vibrations.


Understanding the difference between rumbly and buzzy vibrations can help you make informed decisions when selecting products that incorporate vibration technology. Whether you're looking for a deep, penetrating massage or a more surface-level sensation, or BOTH (my personal favourite) knowing the characteristics of each type of vibration can enhance your overall experience.

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