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5 Sex Toys for Not-So-Newbies

5 Sex Toys for Not-So-Newbies

If you're like me, you're no longer new to sex toys, and you're proud of it. You're an aficionado. An enthusiast. A collector. You've tried plenty of toys and curated your beside drawer. And now, you're ready for the next addition. Ah, time to meet my top five toys for not-so-newbies! They're carefully designed and made to last for years to come and use unique materials and/or functions to be standouts in any toy drawer.

1. Nuo Vibrating Plug

Discover multi-sensual pleasure with the world’s first dual-motor butt plug.

This app-enabled plug's dual motors are located at the base and in the body for top to bottom sensations. Nuo is designed with your body in mind. It has a gentle curve and bulbous body, specially designed for prostate massage. Its vibrating base is designed to sit next to your body and stimulate the perineum. The two independent motors also allow you to choose from a simultaneous or separate stimulation of the prostate and the perineum.

2. Dalia

The Dalia is crafted in high quality porcelain and vitrified at over 1400°C – so it’s completely nonporous, and offers a unique texture somewhere between silicone and glass. Its delicate curves are designed to fit your body, and can be used for kegal exercises. Worried that it may crack? Never fear! Désirables is so confident in their products that they offer a five year OOPS! Policy: if you accidentally damage your toy or notice any problem, they will replace it.

3. G-Kii

It's a wand! It's a dual toy! It's both? The G-Kii G-Spot + Clitoral Vibrator by Je Joue can fully bend into a dual U-shaped G-spot and clitoral stimulator toy or it can be extended into a wand to be used as a vibrating dildo. It is covered in luxurious silicone and can be modified for just about any type of play.

4. Womanizer Duo

DUO delivers the perfect blend of clitoral and G-spot stimulation. DUO’s clitoral stimulator uses Pleasure Air™ Technology while your G-spot is being massaged with the perfectly curved and powerful vibrator. Think oral sex meets penetrative sex, but at the same time. Get ready for the blended orgasm you’ve always wanted.

5. Pure Steel Wand

The Pure Wand was designed to create a direct and ergonomic connection to the g-spot and/or prostate. It has a gorgeous, shiny finish and two penetration points: one on either end (1″ and 1.”5 in diameter) which provides a uniquely customizable experience. It is made medical-grade, corrosion-proof stainless steel that provides unparalleled durability and potential for temperature play. Incredibly sleek and durable, this toy is a cult favourite.

At Bonjibon, we know that no one person knows as much as the collective. So if you have something to share, question, or correct: Let us know!

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Elora Conrad - June 29, 2021

So many awesome choices for seasoned toy enthusiasts! These look like fun!

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