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Top 5 Best Strokers

Top 5 Best Strokers

So you want to know about strokers. Good. 

Strokers, or masturbation sleeves, are products designed run up and down a penis or clitoris to achieve pleasure. Their concept is pretty straightforward: To create a similar feeling to that of inserting a penis into a vagina, mouth, or anus. Gone are the days of the Fleshlight being the option on the market. In fact, the function, composition, and aesthetic of strokers has changed drastically over the last decade. Overwhelmed? No need. I've curated a list of the best strokers out there for your, and/or your pals', enjoyment.


We-Vibe Arcwave Pow Stroker

The Pow offers suction control with an air pressure release valve on the upper lid, turning natural pressure into intense pleasure. Control the level of suction by easily placing your finger over the release valve during use, for a customizable, totally natural feeling.

With an opening at either end of the sleeve, one wider and one tighter, the flexible, body-save silicone sleeve will hug your member just the way you want. Feel pleasurable suction with every stroke as the interior helix pattern massages and rubs you to climax.

The interior of the removable sleeve uses a “quick-clean” helix design that optimizes the cleaning and drying speed without reducing the amazing sensations you feel. The lower protection lid also has ventilation holes to allow air-flow for fast-drying.

  • Two Sized Openings
  • 100% Body-Safe Silicone
  • Sturdy Outer Shell
  • Reusable
  • Top Release Valve

Max 2 App-Enabled Masturbator

Max 2 is a vibrating male masturbator that mimics contractions resulting in mind-blowing pleasure. Perfect button position allows you to control the product’s functions with ease, or choose to control the vibrations through the Bluetooth app.  The smooth, silicone material is 100% body safe to use, and feels ultra soft against the skin.

Lovense’s “sex-tech” allows you to connect with your partner in more ways than one. The Lovense app lets you to take control of the vibrations from either close-range or long-distance while customizing the perfect power level and pattern that fits you or your partner’s specific needs. Additional features such as music synching, in-app messaging and video chat are also available, creating an intimate atmosphere for couples from anywhere in the world. 

  • Unlimited customized speeds and patterns
  • Customizable Patterns & Power
  • Adjustable Air Vent for Suction
  • Lovense App-Enabled
  • 100% Body-Safe Silicone
  • Not Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Whisper Quiet

Shotpocket Pleasure Sleeve

Finally, a pleasure sleeve made for trans guys and AFAB folk, and it's made of high-quality silicone! The Shotpocket is designed for trans and nonbinary folk who have been on testosterone and experienced some growth downstairs. To use, make sure to place a bit of lubricant into the sleeve. The Shotpocket will create a suction, and with a ribbed core, it feels pretty freaking awesome!

Great for solo or couple play. This sleeve is made of high-quality platinum silicone, making it non-porous, non toxic and body safe.

  • Silicone
  • Made in Ontario, Canada

We-Vibe Arcwave Voy Compact Stroker

The Arcwave Voy is a compact stroker that packs powerful play right in the palm of your hand. Equipped with 8 different settings, the Arcwave Voy features We-Vibe's new Tightness Adjustment System, which allows users to get the best fit and a customized experience.

Arcwave’s CleanTech silicone also allows the Voy to stay at its freshest at all times. CleanTech silicone is made of high-grade material that is super smooth, hygienic and durable. The other secret to keeping the Voy well-maintained? The two included ventilated lids, of course.

  • 8 Different Settings
  • Two Ventilated Lids
  • 100% Body-Safe Silicone
  • Water Resistent
  • Reusable
  • Comes with a small vile of water-based lube

Why we love it: You can enjoy the dynamic pleasure made possible with We-Vibe’s latest material and intricate design.


    We-Vibe Arcwave Ghost Stroker

    The Arcwave Ghost is a reversible stroker made from skin-soft CleanTech silicone that is stretchy, comfortable, and safe for your body. The Ghost is reversible so whether you want the twisty lines or nubby bumps, your pleasure is just a flip away. Each side gives a unique sensation as you play with this durable, lightweight stroker.

    The wonderfully simple design gives all the stimulation to help you hit that next level orgasm. Its compact size is perfect for travelling, so just secure it in the discreet case and slip it into your bag. The Ghost is also super durable so you can use it over and over!

    • Reversible: Wavy and Nubby
    • Ultra Squishy
    • 100% Body-Safe Silicone
    • Reusable

    There are so many strokers to explore, you'll never be bored. Goodbye left hand day, and hello new heights of pleasure.

    About the writer

    Katie Aitken

    Katie Aitken (she/her) is the co-founder of Bonjibon. She is a passionate feminist advocate and activist. Katie believes that sexual liberation is an important component of stomping stigma, shifting gender norms, and ultimately changing the status quo. She brings years of experience and devotion to her role as editor-in-chief of the Bonjibon Magazine.

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