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What Are The Different Kinds of Sex Toys?

What Are The Different Kinds of Sex Toys?

Cum one, cum all! An easy-to-read guide of your favourite sex toys. Read on to learn more about many pleasureful options out there.


bonjibon - vibrators


Vibrators… you guessed it, vibrate. There is no “must be” shape.  From bullets to rabbits to g-spot vibes, there are tons of iterations of vibrators. They can be used alone or in conjunction with partner(s) or other toys.

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bonjibon - dildos

Perhaps the best known of sex toys, dildos have been around for mellienia. They are penetrative, nonvibrating phallic-shaped toys that can be used for all kinds of good causes… for instance, vaginal and anal masturbation. Since they don’t vibrate, the key to sensation is light friction as they enter and exit, as well as how you manipulate the base to access your arousal zones. These days, dildos aren’t necessarily phallic: in fact, there is a market for pleasure products that have nothing to do with pensises. 

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Anal Plugs

bonjibon - butt plugs


Anal Plugs are toys that are designed for anal pleasure. Many folks use them in order to work up to penetrative anal sex. They are shaped strategically with the rectum in mind: many designs have a smaller top, thicker bottom, and flared base. The key to plugs is they have a flared base, lest your rectum suck the toy up and make camp. Remember, start small and work your way up. You’ll make way more progress that way than starting at XL.

Side note: Plugs can be a fun way to experience double penetration; just slip the plug into your anus and rock on!

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Clitoral Stimulators

bonjibon - womanizer - suction toys


All hail Queen Clit! Clitorises can be major sources of pleasure, and finding the right vibration for your is key to that. There are tons of options for clitoral stimulation. As technology develops and we (re)learn more about women’s pleasure, there are more and more toys focused on clitoral stimulation. Vibration can be really pleasing on the clitoris. New tech includes clitoral stimulation via suction 

Clitoral stimulation and penetrative vaginal sex can lead to incredible orgasms 

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bonjibon - penis strokers

Strokers are mastubatory aids for folks with penises. They create sensations along the shaft of the penis and gently hold it to mimic the feeling of an anus, vagina – something that is generally pleasureful. Be sure to wash up after use!

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Cock rings or c-rings are toys that sit at the base of the penis in order to make it harder and last longer – this can result in incredible outcomes for all parties involved. They do this by holding blood in the penis: this changes how erections feel, their longevity, and how ejaculation itself feels. Rings should be placed either at the base of the penis or around the penis and balls (While flacid, or mostly flaccid!)

C-Rings shouldn’t be left for long periods of time, remove if you feel pain. Don’t make at-home rings: you can hurt yourself.

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In conclusion:

There is no one way to enjoy your toys. Just keep safety in mind – ahhem have a flared base on anal toys – and play away. 

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