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Where again? A poem by Prerna.

Where again? A poem by Prerna.

This poetry format is called a "Ghazal." Usually it is written in Urdu/Hindi/Persian; its main idea is that there is a repetitive sentence every second line. We feel the repetitive and cyclical nature of how we come to about abortions in the same language again and again. The toxicity of the never ending cycle inspired Prerna write in this format.

Woke up to abortions being a matter of few powerful men again,
Where are those saved children again?

I sleep on the news of talking of religion and the womb again,
Where are those battered women again?

Dazzled by the noises who speak of saving the dead again,
Where are those survivors again?

I am pushed into reverie by those who speak about being supportive of life again,
Where are these people when children are bombed again?

Shocked and alienated at once when they speak of rape on TV during snacktime again,
Where are the ones who want to save lives again?

They speak of beating heart and a life inside again,
Where are the houses and hospitals for these hearts to be out again? 

When they speak of loving the undead child again,
So many children grew up without love, where is the love for life again? 

When the body is a jail and the gatekeepers have spoken,
Where will the prisoners break out from again?

Prayers and laws hardly saved a body, nor have they given futures to be loved in,
We will only find strength in our numbers again, and again.


About the writer

Prerna Subramanian

Prerna Subramanian (she/her) is a Doctoral Candidate and labour activist at Queen's University where she studies politics of space and gender dissidence in Indian cinema. She loves cooking Indian food and unwinds with binging on her evolving collection of cringe.

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