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Sex Ed is Self-Care - Sex and Self McGill

Sex Ed is Self-Care - Sex and Self McGill

Bonjibon is a proud contributor to the Sex and Self program at McGill University through the Bonjibon Initiative. So what exactly is Sex and Self? Below two of its program leaders break it down for us.

In the pursuit of holistic well-being, we often neglect an essential aspect of self-care: comprehensive sex education. This is exactly what prompted Felicia, a McGill University student, to build the sexual wellness initiative Sex and Self in 2019.

What is Sex and Self?

Sex and Self is a student-led organization that aims to provide individuals with educational seminars, workshops, events, and resources pertaining to sexual and reproductive health and wellness. As a university group, we are able to reach students at various parts of their sexual wellness journey. Amidst the large extent of misinformation and stigma surrounding these topics, Sex and Self aims to break these barriers in accessing comprehensive, evidence-based, trauma-informed, and intersectional sex education.


Sex and Self’s Rise to Fame

At the heart of Sex and Self at McGill University lies our Wellness Pantry. Stocked monthly, this accessible space carries sexual wellness products, menstrual products, and gender-affirming gear. This project aims to bridge the gap in student access to safe and reliable products while also creating an opportunity for students to come as they are and have their needs met free of shame or financial burden. In addition to our pantry, we have reached thousands of students through our interactive and educational events. With the support from an esteemed panel of experts as well as our generous sponsors, we are able to bring excitement to the field of sexual health! 

So… How is this self-care?

For Sex and Self, comprehensive sex education goes beyond the basic biology of reproduction by addressing topics such as consent, boundaries, and communication. By fostering a culture of open dialogue and acceptance, we seek to equip students with the tools to navigate their sexual health confidently. This, in turn, empowers them to make informed decisions and assert agency over their bodies and relationships.

Comprehensive sexual education helps combat shame and stigma and essentially helps us navigate the complexities of human sexuality with confidence and respect. Sex and Self hopes to continue paving the way for individuals in and beyond our schools to feel empowered and excited about sexual health. It’s not only about sex – it’s about feeling fulfilled and comfortable in the process. And that, ultimately, is the essence of true self-care ;)

About the writers

Zoe Malinoff & Solenne Trequesser

Zoe (she/her) is the Co-President of Sex and Self McGill. She is studying social work at McGill University and will be entering her Master of Social Work in Fall 2024. Zoe is passionate about mental health, sexual health, and advocacy for the wellbeing of all individuals. Working within the public health sector and for non-profit organizations, her passion is fueled by a desire to dismantle societal barriers to accessing services and individual empowerment. Zoe recognizes the interconnected nature of sexual and reproductive rights with other issues such as mental health and gender equality. After 2 years of working closely with Sex and Self, Zoe continues to enforce the organization’s mission in all facets of her practice with individuals and families.

Solenne (she/her), serving as a Workshop Facilitator for Sex and Self, is a sexual and reproductive rights advocate. Recently earning her BA in International Development, Gender Studies, and Social Entrepreneurship at McGill University, her work with non-profit organizations, feminist university clubs, and volunteer experience has made her passionate about empowering people and eliminating stigma through education. Since joining Sex and Self in 2021 as a podcast-producing assistant, Solenne has remained committed to the organization's mission and hopes to help students at McGill and beyond navigate their sexual health with confidence.

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