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Why Porcelain Sex Toys Are The Next Must-Have Toy

Why Porcelain Sex Toys Are The Next Must-Have Toy

Desirables was founded in Montreal in 2011. It is a woman-owned company that emphasizes connection, environmentalism, and quality. They specialize in porcelain pleasure products. Before you get to know Desirables products, it’s helpful to know more about porcelain as a medium. All materials (except for some porcelain material from its origin in France) and phases of manufacturing are within 90km of Montréal by expert potters.

Are they durable?

The porcelain products are incredibly strong. We spent some time trying to break the Dalia – and it outstrengthed our strongest tester. Désirables also confirms that there are no hairline fractures through their manufacturing process, so there are no accidental weak spots on their toys. Its only kryptonite is shock on hard surfaces, so don’t drop it on a concrete floor, for instance. But rest assured: it will NOT break during use.

Okay, but what if it breaks?

Désirables is so confident in the strength and longevity of their products that they all come with a 5-year OOPS! Policy. This means that if it breaks, for whatever reason, they will replace it (But please don’t voluntarily break your toy by dropping it on a hard surface – that won’t be covered!)

bonjibon - deserableShop Dalia Porcelain Wand

They feel a little textured; are they porous?

Unlike pottery, porcelain is not porous. Désirables products are some of the least porous sex toy products out there.  It is fired at 1400”C, which ensures vitrification. This means that the ingredients bind so there are no air molecules, only the newly formed porcelain (sand and glass).

Will they break from heat or cold?

On the contrary, you can heat or cool your toy for pleasure – it’s thermoconductive. You can also boil it or put it in the oven for a thorough cleaning.

Are they heavy?

The Dalia is surprisingly light, but don’t confuse weight for sturdiness: porcelain is a light material, and a small pocket of air is left inside each Dalia for even more sturdiness.

Do they need special lube?

Désirables products are compatible with all types of lubricant, so feel free to explore. Oil-based lubricants can be especially luxurious: for instance, try out Province & Apothecary’s Sex Oil.

We are beyond excited to introduce two of Désirables products to our store – The Dalia and Massage Stones.

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