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Why Sex Toys Are The Best Holiday Gifts

Why Sex Toys Are The Best Holiday Gifts

With the holidays fast approaching and all of us in need of a pandemic pick-me-up, never fear: Bonjibon is here. No need to waste time searching gift lists everyone buys from, or lamenting over whether your friend will enjoy your gift. Here are the top five reasons that sex toys are THE holiday gift for 2020.

We all need a mood boost!

2020 has been a … time. All of us could use some extra care. And sex toys facilitate some of the best self-care out there. Masturbation helps flood the system with serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. According to research by Dr Gloria Brame, orgasms deliver the biggest blast of non-synthetic dopamine out there.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving

Literally. Come June, they’ll still be thanking you. In fact, they may be even more grateful. Quality sex toys are built to last, and either recharge or don’t need power. Superior silicone stays luxurious and silky, unlike the “jelly” materials used in many toys. In fact, over time, your friend is likely to develop techniques that they enjoy and can *cum* back to for super satisfying sessions. By the next holiday season, they’ll be rearing for their next toy to explore.

For the friend who has everything

They have the bag. They have the jeans. They have the gym membership. They have the subscription. And they don’t want you to pick out tea for them, thank you very much. Here’s where toys come in: You are picking out something you want to share with them! Sensations to explore. It’s not about what they’re after, it’s about what you want to share with them. All of our toys are hand-curated, and made to last: So rest assured they’ll be happy with their purchase.

Celebrate pleasure!

Because it should be celebrated! In a world where we’re constantly inundated with information on how we somehow need to change who we are to be happy, it’s a radical act of self acceptance to choose pleasure. Because you deserve it. Your friends deserve it. We all deserve it. And we’re allowed to.

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