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Sex Toy Care 101

Sex Toy Care 101

Sex toys are undeniably fun, and generally require very little care. In fact, toys are SO fun that they've been known to completely change people's sex lives. AND there is some non-negotiable care we should all be doing to ensure that the play stays fun, and not frustrating. Like, have to go to the hospital frustrating.

Here are some of the key things to remember while taking care of your toys! 


DO use fragrance-free soap that you already know doesn't irritate your skin.

DO wash and rinse with warm water.

DO ensure you wash all of the nooks and crannies your toy has.

DO boil glass, metal, and silicone for thorough cleaning.

DO NOT boil toys with electronics (Does it plug in or use a battery? Then don't boil it!)


DO store clean and dry (If you don't, they could grow bacteria and send you to the hospital).

DO store toys in a breathable cotton bag, in a box, or in a drawer without too much extra space (ew, dust!) 

DO clean your toy before putting it away (See Cleaning for details on how).

DO store with your charging cable (Like one sock in each pair, they tend to go missing somehow)

DO NOT store with batteries inside.

DO NOT store silicone toys touching each other.

DO NOT store different material toys touching each other (ABS, Elastomer, Ultraskyn, etc).

DO NOT store toys in non breathable bag (Plastic bag).

Compatible lubricant

What's the point in taking good care of your toys if they're going to be smothered in petroleum jelly or coconut oil? Ensure the lubricant you use is compatible with the toy you use.

That's your basic guide on how to care for your toys! Questions, queries, concerns? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at!

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