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How to Masturbate - Our Top 5 Tips for Self Pleasure

How to Masturbate - Our Top 5 Tips for Self Pleasure

Before we dive into the top 5 tips for masturbating, we’d like to start off by saying that masturbation is such a powerful act of self-love. 

And when we recognize that, and realise that sexual satisfaction is not a luxury but an actual basic need, we may be more inclined to experiment via solo play. 

And that is our absolute goal for you: that you find yourself in a sex positive space of self-care that, if accessible and desirable, encompasses masturbation and self-pleasure.

Having said all that, let’s get started with today's main topic… 

The Top 5 Tips for Masturbating, Revealed

So you want to learn more about masturbation and the best ways to feel those amazing feel-good hormones flow freely whilst in the height of sexual pleasure, do you? 

Here you’ll find the top 5 tips for masturbation.

1. Clitoral Masturbation 

To experience a blissful session that results in a clitoral orgasm, here are some tips that have the power to be life-changing:

Rub or stroke the hood of your clitoris. What is the hood of the clitoris? It is a fold of skin that protects this magical pleasure zone. You see, when you get aroused, the clitoris will begin to swell, which in turn, will push your clitoral hood back. Then, when you rub or stroke this hood, it’ll be more sensitive, giving you the power to roll into ecstasy.

You could also make a ”V” with your pointer and middle finger, then glide your fingers up and down the sides of the clitoris.

And then of course, we highly recommend using a sex toy, such a clit-stimulating vibrator. It will intensify your pleasure, and give your fingers a much-needed rest. 

2. Vaginal Masturbation 

Vaginal orgasms are often harder to achieve than clitoral orgasms. And this could be for a number of reasons. In fact, many vulva owners do not or can not have vaginal orgasms. And some may even feel anxious when it comes to penetrative play with a partner.

Having said that, if you want to experiment with vaginal masturbation and/or you love stimulating your internal spots, here are a few methods you may like… 

We recommend warming up by massaging or gliding your fingers over your vulva and your vaginal lips. Then, when you’re ready, you could go ahead and start massaging the entrance of the vagina to slowly gain arousal. Once you’re feeling relaxed and turned on, you can insert your finger(s) or a sex toy into the vagina

The best tip to achieve a vaginal orgasm? Aim for the internal pleasure zone! It's a part of the clitoral network, and can be found on the vaginal wall around five to eight centimetres inside of the vagina. 

Once you’ve found this area you could either use the “come hither” motion with your fingers, or—if you choose to use a G spot vibrator— you could simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

3. Anal Masturbation

Anal play is a fantastic way to feel new and exciting orgasms. Plus, anal stimulation is genderless, making it an activity everyone can enjoy.

So, when it comes to anal orgasms in vulva owners, it’ll be useful to know that, when you use anal sex toys, it’ll indirectly stimulate the internal pleasure spots. This alone makes it quite appealing, doesn’t it?

In other words, anal stimulation can be completely satisfying, as it targets different pleasure zones at the same time.

However, there is something to note when it comes to anal stimulation—it can be difficult to reach and/or uncomfortable when using your fingers! We recommend using anal sex toys. A toy will make things a whole lot easier. 

Our best tip: start off the smallest anal toy, and slowly work your way up to larger toys. Anal stimulation takes time, be patient with yourself. But once you begin to feel the bliss, you won’t turn back. 

Let’s also take a look at prostate orgasms. The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland found around five centimetres inside of the anus of penis owners. To indulge, you should get yourself comfortable and in a relaxed mood. 

Then, if you’re experimenting with prostate play with a partner who will use their fingers, make sure that their nails are cut and clean. They can then use a generous amount of lube and slide their finger inside of you, using the “come hither” technique. The same advice goes if you’re playing solo.

Alternatively, there are various types of prostate massager sex toys available. This sex toy is very efficient, feels like a million bucks, and can be used solo or with a partner. 

Just make sure to warm up beforehand, either by engaging in anal training or using the smallest prostate massager or anal toy first. It’s also important to only use toys designed for anal play, and to make sure that said-toy has a flared base for easier insertion and removal.

4. Blended Orgasm Masturbation

A blended orgasm is when the clitoris and the internal pleasure spot is stimulated at the same time. In this way, many vulva owners can enjoy even stronger orgasms as it’s double the pleasure. 

So, when it comes to stimulating both the clitoris and your internal pleasure spots, you can choose your favourite combo. 

For example, you could use a G spot sex toy for internal use and your fingers for external use (or vice versa).

Or, you could get a dual vibrator that offers both kinds of stimulation. 

Or, if you fancy it, you could use a different kind of sex toy, like a wand, to stimulate the clitoris whilst using your fingers to get to the internal pleasure spot.

You could also play with a partner by having them use an internal toy to reach those inside pleasure spots, and their fingers to stimulate the external spots (and vice versa).

Our best tip though? We suggest buying a dual stimulation vibrator. It will come with one long arm that is inserted into the vagina, and a second shorter arm that will stimulate the clitoris. Our absolute favourite is the We-Vibe Nova 2.

5. Penile Orgasms 

And last but not least, let’s talk about penile orgasms! This is when a penis owner stimulates their penis in such a way that it brings them pleasure and orgasm. But this isn’t a sex ed lesson on the basics. It’s about giving penis owners, whether they’re a cisgendered penis owner or a FTM penis owner, some great tips when it comes to masturbation. 

With that, here are some of the best ways to enhance your penile masturbation session… 

You could use a sex toy, such as a stroker, or a Peen Pocket pleasure sleeve. This will give you a more life-like experience, aiding in utter bliss.

Or you could incorporate edging into your solo play time, which is when you stop all sources of pleasure right before you’re about to ejaculate, take a moment, then continue masturbating. You can do that as many times as you like, which will build up the sexual tension. 

And lastly, why not try: changing hands, trying different strokes, changing positions, and/or moving your hips. All of these too will contribute towards heightened pleasure and a lot of fun!

So! Now that you have these tips for masturbation, we hope that you’ll go off and explore a bit more! After all, sexual pleasure is a human right. 



About the writer

Helena Lorimer

Helena (she/her) is a South African sex-positive writer who loves swimming in the ocean under the full moon, and cheesy 90's pop. She's currently living her best life in Porto, Portugal after scouring different continents to find her happy place. Today, she's dreaming with her eyes open, happily spreading her sexual wellness knowledge far and wide.

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