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Brands We Love: Je Joue Luxury Sex Toys

Brands We Love: Je Joue Luxury Sex Toys

At Bonjibon, we care deeply about the products that we carry and companies that we work with. We try to curate the best of the best in each toy category at competitive prices. Additionally, each toy needs to meet minimum requirements for us to carry it: from impressive longevity to medical silicone quality to pleasing aesthetics. In the Brands we Love series, we'll be sharing more about the products that we carry and the companies that make them.

Introducing Je Joue, a London-based luxury sex toy company. I recently had the opportunity to e-interview Mele Couvreur, a Je Joue team member and my personal acquaintance at their headquarters.

Tell us a little bit about Je Joue! How did you get started as luxury sex toy company?

Je Joue was founded in 2008 by a team of sex positive designers with a mission to create pleasure products that not only look beautiful, but are also informed by women’s actual anatomy and sexual desires. 

Historically, the sex toy industry was very much a male dominated industry – with many toys missing the mark when it comes to female pleasure. Je Joue's founders wanted to change that and move away from phallic shaped toys with little consideration for what actually provides vulva owners pleasure towards more female centred designs.

This meant creating products that look less intimidating and more elegant, but most importantly a product that’s actually geared towards the anatomy of vulva owners. Delving into the science of vibrations (arguably the most important part of a vibrator!), they developed a unique motor specifically designed to give maximum pleasure to the clitoris – considering 75% of vulva owners need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

Fun fact actually. Prior to launching Je Joue, our designers were developing kitchen appliances! An unusual transition but not one to regret.

Tell us about your products – what sets them apart? 

Our most distinctive feature is without a doubt our motor and signature “deep rumble.” Specifically designed to vibrate at a very low frequency (similar to that of a subwoofer bass loudspeaker), the vibrations of our toys are able to travel deeper through the body and reach more pleasure points than most vibrators. With 90% of the nerve ending of the clitoris located internally, this is also the reason why our toys are so pleasurable for vulva owners.

Next to our motor, we’re also known for our elegant designs. From a design perspective, we very much see ourselves as a cross between British elegance (as a UK-based company) and French sexiness. One of our toys even won an award for the most beautiful toy in the world!

Tell me more about the difference between “buzzy” and “rumbly” vibrations.

Low-frequency or “rumbly” vibrations are able to travel farther through solid materials while losing less energy than higher frequency or “buzzy” vibrations. This means that low frequency vibrations are able to reach deeper tissue in the body, access more pleasure points and produce a deeper “rumbly” sensation. High frequency vibrations, on the other hand, stay on the surface of the skin, feel more superficial and provide more of a “buzzy” sensation. 

A good way to explain the difference is to compare the buzz coming from an electric toothbrush to the rumbly bass coming from a subwoofer loudspeaker. An electric toothbrush operates at a frequency anywhere upwards of around 10,000 Hz (high frequency). A subwoofer bass loudspeaker operates typically at 100 to 200 Hz (low frequency). In comparison Je Joue toys operate at the very low frequency of between 45 to 180 Hz.

I’ve noticed the silicone is ultra-luxurious.

Yes! All our toys are made from premium medical grade silicone that does not contain any plastic, phthalates or other toxic materials. This gives our toys that velvety soft feel AND makes them 100% body safe. We also reverse our silicone sleeves so that the toys are completely seamless, this gives them a super-smooth finish.

We think it’s very important for people to be kind to themselves and their bodies – to practice self-love. What better way than to treat yourself to a toy that not only feels good but is also safe for your body.

What are some of the values that drive Je Joue?

First of all, we are very much a people-centred company. We want to design pleasure products that are informed by the anatomy and sexual desires of REAL people. In doing so, we want to be as inclusive as possible – this means considering all genders, sexualities, age groups, relationships etc. So we work with medical professionals, such as gynaecologists and midwives, to ensure our toys are designed anatomically to suit as many different kinds of bodies as possible. Perhaps even more importantly, we also consult with the people for whom the toys are intended. Real feedback from real people.

Another value at our core is being sex positive. When we say sex positive, it doesn’t mean that we think everybody should have copious amounts of sex, multiple sex partners or be willing to try “anything”.  Rather we believe sex is a healthy part of life and should be enjoyed safely, free of guilt or shame.

It also means individuals should be able to freely express their sexuality and make decisions about how and whether or not they choose to be sexual – as long as there is a clear element of informed consent.

Sex education plays an important role in this because knowledge is power. We view sex education as one of the services we should provide to our customers by sharing resources, answering questions and more generally advocating for self-acceptance and mutual respect. 

Is there anything you’d like to add?  

Je Joue have some very exciting new products on the horizon, so keep an eye out for these ;)

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