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Sex Toys Everyone Should Own (According to Us)

Sex Toys Everyone Should Own (According to Us)

At Bonjibon, we love sex toys. Big time. We're also lucky to get to try out tons of toys. In fact, we won't carry toys unless they get our seal of approval. As you can imagine, we are often asked what are our personal favourites and why. And we are just so happy to share. Here are our co-owners, Katie and Grace's, current top toys.

Katie's #1 - Womanizer Premium

"It feels like an experienced lover. I’m obsessed with how it turns on and off according to whether it’s touching your skin. So I am not worried about scrambling for buttons if I want to turn it off quickly. Luxury. Also, I find the battery lasts forever."



Katie's #2 - Je Joue Bunny

"The ears have their own tiny, adorable motors. Great for when I don’t want a ton of stimulation. Also, the ears are very malleable, so I have a ton of fun trying out different orientations on my vulva. Hint, hint: One's clit may fit perfectly between those adorable ears."


Katie's #3 - G-spot glass dildo

"Glass is sexier than silicone. There, I said it. I love how sleek and elegant this toy is, and also that it’s not too girthy. I can use any lube or none at all with it, because glass is designed to slip and slide. It's also small and non-electronic, so easy to pack."


Grace's #1 - Satisfyer Pro 2

"I love the Pro’s 2 large handle. I don’t end up with lobster hands using this fella. It also features a wider mouth opening than all of the other suction toys we carry, for when I want a bit more surface area suction. It starts at a super low rumble and goes all the way up to party mode. Completely waterproof, it’s a great bath buddy. Also, pro tip: I figured out that I can use the same charger for Dame, Satisfyer, and We-Vibe products. Charging station rejoice."

Grace's #2 - Pom

"I’m obsessed with this toy and have been for a while. It’s so cute, squishy, and fits neatly into the palm of my hand. Since the silicone is so thick, I don’t find that my hand goes numb using this darling. Also, it’s quiet as can be!"


Grace's #3 - Avant Purple Haze

"The silicone on the Avant toys is absolutely luxurious. It feels expensive. It looks expensive. And it's not even that expensive. It has a powerful suction base and gets the job done. I like this one because like Goldilocks, I was looking for something juuuuust right."


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