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Top 8 Sex Toys for Couples

Top 8 Sex Toys for Couples

At Bonjibon, we believe that every toy is for every body. And it's true! Any toy can be used on different parts of the body, often to surprising success. The same goes for couple's toys. Using toys that you use solo with partners can be a great way to segway into toys with partners, since you likely already know what you like. That said, there are tons of fantastic and innovative products that are designed precisely for partnered use. Read on to learn more.

1. Endless Fun

The Endless Fun is uniquely shaped for all kinds of uses. The long "base" vibrates, so can also be used as a dildo. The U-shaped head is perfect for stroking along the penis, or simultaneous clitoral and internal stimulation. What's more, its shape lends it to fun anal use. If you're looking for something new to explore with, give the Endless Fun a try! Check out the product page for more ideas of how to use this innovative toy. 


2. We-Vibe Chorus

Shaped for use solo and with penetration, this toy is perfect for a couple's toy drawer. It is app-enabled, which means that even if you are far apart, you can vibe away. The U-shaped structure is very bendable; so can be used for both internal and external stimulation. It's designed to stay in place and provide sensational vibrations during penetrative sex. That's right; clitoral stimulation, internal vibration, penetration, and some vibes for the penetrating partner.

3. Strapless Strap-On

The Strapless Strap-On in a phrase, is fun for everyone. It's meant for pegging; one partner uses their internal kegel muscles to hold the bulbed end, and use for pegging. It is compatible with many straps, so harness up if you want! It features thirty vibrating functions that you can control at the strategically placed control panel. Never fear: both ends vibrate for optimal on both ends.Both partners get to enjoy internal vibrations. It is also great solo! 


4. Round Vibrating Cock Ring

This sturdy ring goes beyond the average C-ring. Not only does it vibrate, it is rechargeable and completely waterproof. You can feel the quality: it's made from quality silicone by one of the best brands in the sex toy game. At the same time, the clitoral stimulator offers 10 intense vibration settings. But even during steamy solo sessions, it will seduce you with its deep vibes and catapult you unerringly to climax. Lube up, ring up, and enjoy!


5. OhNut

The OhNut is a revolutionary sex accessory that is designed to improve comfort for both the penetrative receiver and giver. It can do wonders for folks by letting you customize the depth of penetration. It acts as a gentle, stretchy bumper, and stops penetration from going too deep. It's designed to feel good on a penis; it hugs around it - in fact, it can even be used as a stroker. Both partners get to enjoy!

6. Beginner Harness Pegging Kit

The Bend Over Beginner Harness Pegging Kit was designed for those who would like a “starter” kit, so you can pace your exploration with comfort and safety. The kit includes an adjustable, machine-washable harness, a Silk Small and Silk Medium, an O-ring that can be changed for play with larger toys, and a bullet vibrator that fits into a small pocket in the harness.

7. Satisfyer Endless Love Multi Vibrator

Imagine, you open your toy drawer and see: finally, something for everything. We know that the Endless Love Multi Vibrator looks confusing at first. But it is designed specifically for couple's play! C-ring, g-spot toy, clit vibe, dual g-spot and clit vibe, nipple stimulator, and stroker, it fits into almost every category.

8. Lush 3

The Lush 2 is a fully app-controlled vibrator made for those who love g-spot play and the thrill remote controlled toys. Lovesense is first and foremost a technology company which makes this bluetooth-enabled toy the best on the market. Perfect for couples looking for long-distant or discreet fun.


Are condoms sex toys? No. Do they have something to do with sex toys? YES. You can use condoms on your toys to keep them fluid free, and/or fluid safe. That means, if you want to use your toys with multiple partners, we strongly suggest using condoms on them. Plus, they're important to have around! GLYDE condoms are vegan, cruelty free and sustainably sourced. Better for your body and better for the planet!

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