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Menstrual Cycles Have Phases

Menstrual Cycles Have Phases

Hi, my name is Katie, and I didn't know anything about my menstrual cycle until my mid-20's (I am 32 now). Well, I knew that I was either bleeding, PMSing, or not noticing my cycle. Little did I know, knowing about my cycle could (and would) empower me to take control of my health.

The first resource I found about menstrual cycles was "Women code" by Alissa Vitti. This was the first place that I learned about the different phases of my cycle, and that there are things that I could do to help it. Lo and behold, there is a lot to gain from being aware of it. I'm breaking it down into easy to this easy to digest article to give you leads to follow.

Please note: I am not a doctor and if you have questions, that is probably who to see.


Generally 3-4 days long. Menstruation is shedding the lining of the uterus that grows throughout the month. If there is no egg fertilization, generally the uterine lining calls it quits after twenty-one days or so. The tissue and blood flow through the cervix and out the vaginal canal

Follicular Phase

Typically 7-10 days after menstruation ends. The uterine lining beings to thicken again. There is not a significant presence of testosterone or progesterone in the follicular phase, but there is a slight increase of estrogen. 



Ovulation is when the ovaries releases an egg. If sperm is present, people often get pregnant in the three days before or after ovulation. One way to know that we are ovulating is the change in cervical fluid (more slippery). There is generally a peak and dip in testosterone in this period. Many people experience the most energy during this phase of their cycle.

During ovulation, many people find themselves extremely energized and horny.

Luteal Phase

After ovulation to next period, around 9-16 days. If no egg fertilization, progesterone will crest and drop, which can lead to premenstrual symptoms. 

During the luteal phase, folks can feel tired, irritable, sore, bloating, and more.


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